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Events 2010


May 30/31

Cwmn'ir Bwa

Bishop's Palace, St Davids



An event with our friends Cwmn'ir Bwa (Company of the Bow).

Displays of archery with the medieval longbow. Arms and armour of the medieval archer. Living history camp with cookery and activities inspired by this magnificent setting. Have-a-go archery for children aged 7-17.

June 12/13

Lower Brockhampton



Our annual event at this beautiful medieval manorhouse. We recreate manorial life in the 15th Century: the family and their occupations, pastimes and food; their servants, tradesman and visitors.

June 28 to July 3

Cwmn'ir Bwa

Schools Week, Dinefwr Castle, Carmarthenshire


Organised by Cwmn'ir Bwa (Company of the Bow).

Groups from local Primary schools visit mornings and afternoons, to learn about medieval life. Activities can include archery, arms & armour, fighting with pole-arms, toys and games, writing, cookery, manners & health. All tailored to appropriate key stage requirements.

Pre-booked school groups only.

July 10/11

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival

Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire


A grand annual festival, with extensive medieval market and entertainments. The highlight is the large-scale re-enactment of the battle of Tewkesbury (1471), in which we shall bring our guns to bear upon the enemies of our noble Lord!

July 24/25

The Berkeley Skirmish

Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire

Link  (Castle)

Link (Skirmish)

A large Medieval event, at the marvellous Berkeley: in the same family for over 900 years. 1500 costumed re-enactors are expected, with over 100 historical traders and an authentic tented market. Jousting, skill-at-arms, siege weapons and gunnery, archery, falconry, craftsmen and musicians.

August 7/8

Midlands History Festival

Stratford upon Avon


Multi-period event, with everything from Romans and Vikings to soldiers from the Napoleonic wars. Archery, battle re-enactments, market, real ale bar and more. We will have a small living history camp, and demonstrate varied aspects of military and civilian life.

August 19

Cwmn'ir Bwa

Dinefwr Castle



Organised by Cwmn'ir Bwa (Company of the Bow). A day of medieval archery at the stronghold of Rhys ap Thomas, a powerful Welsh lord who supported Henry Tudor during the Wars of the Roses. According to historical accounts, it was he who delivered the death blow to Richard III at the battle of Bosworth, bringing an end to the Yorkist campaign.

August 21/22

Pembroke Castle



Learn about life on campaign during the Wars of the Roses. Full living history encampment, with medieval cookery, crafts, games and pastimes; fighting with sword, dagger and polearm; demonstrations of 15th Century artillery: longbow, crossbow, arquebus, pole gun, and muzzle- and breech-loading cannon.

September 11

Aboard the Matthew!


Link (The Matthew)

Link (Long John Silver Trust)

Open Access day in association with the Long John Silver Trust.

We will be gunning aboard the Matthew,  a full size replica of the ship in which John Cabot sailed to Newfoundland in 1497. 

October 30/31

Medieval Frost Fair

Tutbury Castle,



A small medieval frost fair, with an autumnal flavour. We will be cooking seasonal fayre, preparing for the feasts of All Hallows and All Souls, and doing some dancing to keep warm. Taking place over All Hallow's Eve (Halloween) ,  this is the perfect opportunity to get into the Medieval Mind with a look at the folklore and superstition of a time when witchcraft, magic, demons and the waking dead were real and dangerous phenomena!

November 28/29

Ludlow Christmas Fayre

Ludlow, Shropshire


Members assist with staffing this large annual fayre, which takes place within Ludlow Castle and the adjacent marketplace. Medieval crafts, music and entertainments, as well as 21st Century gifts.

December 11/12

Merrie Medieval Christmas 

Lower Brockhampton,



Our Christmas event at this secluded manorhouse. Medieval feasting, traditions and general festivity, with a banquet on display, and the house dressed for Christmas. Learn about medieval food, watch as we prepare our Mummer's play, or join in with dancing and games.