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Medieval Food and Drink

Our group is unusual in having particular expertise in medieval cookery and food history.

  • How food was prepared, cooked and served across the social classes
  • Where ingredients came from: local, seasonal produce to exotic flavours
  • Ale and cider, mead, wine, and spiced drinks
  • Table manners and food etiquette
  • Feasting and fasting, and the influence of religion and superstition
  • Surprise and showmanship in the medieval feast

One of our members, Anne McWhirter, was the historical food advisor to TV's 'The Restaurant' in 2008.


Our skills are put to use in preparing and cooking period dishes over the open fire. Although this food is only for consumption by group members (health and safety requirements), we share methods and recipes with our visiting public. Free recipe leaflets are available where suitable.



We also do period cookery presentations at museums and historic houses. Food can be prepared beforehand where necessary, and can be tailored to the time of year (Christmas, harvest-time) or special occasions.

With small groups, in modern kitchens, everyone may sample the results. Group members have certificates in food hygiene from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.