Wythe Retinue

An English Household in the Wars of the Roses and Tudor Periods

As well as a broad historical knowledge, we have experience of a wide range of different types of events.

We are happy to tailor our actrivities to suit your location, special occasion, battle or other requirements.

Or you can simply rely on us to provide engaging displays and interesting activities for your visitors.

Fully Insured

We carry full public liability  insurance for everything we do, and are ready to assist you with planning for health and safety relating to our activities at your event. We  have active H&S and safeguarding policies of our own.

We are members of the Ordcon gunnery and explosives safety liason. We are fully licenced, and train all of our members  in current best practice.

Wythe Retinue 2020

About Us

We are a versatile group of re-enactors, with many years of experience gained through membership of a wide variety of organisations.

  • Broad repertoire of skills
  • High standard of historical accuracy
  • Large collection of clothing and objects
  • Complete events on our own or witho
  • Fully insured

We do this because we love history, education and engaging with people.

We put a lot of work into historical research, to maintain a high standard of knowledge and accuracy in our activities. This means we are as comfortable working as historical interpreters at a museum or heritage property, as we are attending a medieval festival or battle re-enactment.

Experienced re-enactor associates joins us regularly, and we can stage full events on our own, or with other living history groups.

We have several members who are experienced with school and special-needs groups.

Our activities are of a professional standard, and so we do charge a fee for commercial events. However, we are involved with several educational and charitable endeavours, and are always happy to waive the fee.

We are happy to discuss pricing options.

We are a family- friendly group, with young members of our own, and can provide activities for all ages.

Our large collection of reproduction clothing and every day objects provides visitors with a  hands-on experience.